New products in March 2014 - 21/03/2014

Hello Moms ! We are glad to say hello and launch our new collection this March. We have lots of new products that will support your fashion appearance in this pregnancy and nursing moments.

Our new products include:

  • Blazer-like knitted cardigan and batik bolero / cardigan, to be combined with a nursing tank top 
  • Maternity cotton shirts and dresses, for casual, work or a formal event
  • Maternity knee-length denim skirt
  • Maternity dresses to wear for work
  • Maternity denim and twill shorts, with bright and natural colors
  • Maternity trousers with various materials to meet your activities during pregnancy . There are some special items for big size moms you know!
  • Maternity denim spandex leggings for fashionable moms
  • Cotton nursing bras, underwired and no wire
  • Nursing shirts and dresses with various materials (jersey, cotton, chiffon and poly spandex jersey)


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If you have questions, please contact us via YM , short text messages , BBM or Whatsapp .

Happy shopping ! ^ __ ^

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